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Thread: Need help germinating D. omissa

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    Need help germinating D. omissa

    I was very fortunate to get ahold of some D. omissa seeds and would like to get them to come up. They were sowed about a month ago and have done nothing since. 4 other species of Drosera sowed at the same time have germinated just fine and already have 4-5 leaves. I am assuming D. omissa has stratification requirements? Do they need heat like tuberous Drosera? Can GA3 be used?

    Please let me know anything that's worked to get these guys to come up. I did not use all the seeds and have the ability to try again if need be. I just can't seem to find a lot of info on them.

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    Smoke, heat or GA3 treatment wouldn't hurt. Whether or not it helps is the question. My experience with winter growers is that the temperatures need to be cool enough for them to germinate. You may have to wait 2 or 3 seasons before the right combination of conditions are met to trigger germination. I have several pots of winter growers that I sowed in the fall of 2012 after heat treating the seeds all summer long and adding a layer of ash on the pots before sowing coming up now. Some germinated in 2012 but the seedlings didn't survive +80F weather a couple months later.
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