Hey Folks,

Just wanted to give an update on my dews regarding fish food.

Since I received my dews in April, I have been using these small fish pellets that I already had on hand. I switched between sprinkling it on as a powder and mixing it with liquid to create a paste. I've been reading all about dried blood worms on the forums and bought a bottle at the pet store this past weekend. I took a small pinch and placed it in a cup with a few drops of water...OMG do the sundews love it! I used tweezers to break them up into smaller pieces and simply draped it onto the tentacles. My capensis folded itself in half when I put one on it. My tokaiensis is now rolled up tighter than a stack of quarters.

That's my advice to anyone reading this so far...go to a pet store and buy yourself a pair of nice, long metal feeding tongs and a bottle of freeze dried blood worms.