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Thread: Are this the same Droseras?

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    Are this the same Droseras?

    So this new seedlings just popped up and I"m not sure where it came from or if its a new growth.

    The plant in the pot is suppose to be Intermedia capillaris and I don't know about the new seedling.

    If they are two different plant, is it okay they're growing so closely together?

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    The new plant could either be a new plantlet from the roots of the original plant or it could be a new seedling sprouted from a seed laying on/in the soil. I see signs of other plants in dormancy surrounding the smaller plant. It is difficult to say if it is the same species with one in full dormancy and the other quite small yet. I would suggest that you will probably want to separate them as the larger plant will likely cover over the smaller plants when it begins growing again. If it is a sprout from the roots of the larger plant just be careful to cut any attachment to the main plant as you move it. And, of course, the same thing for the other plants you separate from the clump. If it's a seedling that wouldn't be an issue. Good luck!
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