Hi, all! So... talk about a lesson learned the hard way. My two-year-old daughter thought it would be oh so hilarious if she yanked out the ID tags on 8 of the 13 species of pygmy sundew whose gemmae I acquired for the first time this past fall.

In short, I have no idea which sundews are which, and since this is my first season growing them, to be honest, I'm just not familiar with these, and when you're comparing pictures online to what you see in the pot, it's surprisingly more difficult than I would have imagined to narrow them down... If anybody can (reasonably) definitely ID any of the 8 pots below, it would be immensely appreciated... (Saving even one would better than consigning them to the fate of "ID unknown.")

(If it falls to waiting for flowers, I might just write off the ones that I can't ID and restart the unaccounted-for species by getting new gemmae in the fall.)

If it helps, which I'm hoping it will, for those with larger pygmy collections than I, the tags that I found (7 out of 8) are as follows:

D. patens
D. leucoblasta
D. leucoblasta (Cranbrook)
D. callistos (Brookton)
D. pycnoblasta (pink flower)
D. platystigma 'A'
D. pedicellaris

Wide shot:


This should actually say "5" and "6" below, but it doesn't.

Can anybody safely match any of the 7 plant labels to the 8 pots?