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    YO i got 1 more questions HAHAHAHAHAa My sundew looks like its dieing but i aint sure i meen its Green but its turning Brown ish- i have it in a little pot. so i Keep it in it or buy a bigger pot if so.... what should i put in The pot?

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    hey, you know you can reply in the same thread you startm you dont have to make more threads, just click on the thread you posted for help and at the top it says post reply, do that, just letting you know

    im still confsed, is it a SUNDEW or a VENUS FLY TRAP
    this is a SUNDEW

    this is a VENUS FLY TRAP

    ok, now is it getting lots of sun or not? and are you watering with DISTILLED water? dont use tap water it is bad for the plants

    and you dont need to re pot

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    what kind of sundew is it?

    That would make it a little easier to figure out what is wrong with it.

    And I wouldn't toss anything until it is all brown sometimes there will be plantlets ( baby plants ) around the bigger one.

    Don't worry about all the questions, we just want to help and make sure that you and your plant will be ok!

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