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Thread: What's that!?

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    A few minutes ago I was checking on my plants when I noticed that out of one of my Drosera spathulata "fraiser island form" (which are really small) their was something coming out of the center, at first i thought it might be a flower stalk. Then I thought it might be a weed, then I noticed the same thing coming out of the center of another plant. It looks like a small plant sprouting shooting out of the center of my plants, It has a small fragile stem with two little round leaves. So is this a weed poping out my plants or is it a flower stalk (which is what I really think it is, i'm just trying to get a second opinion before I screw up my plants.), or could it just be a normal part of the plant that's nothing out of the ordinary at all, and i'm going crazy over nothing.

    These spathulata's I have are really small (roughly 1 cm wide) and they arrived with dead flower stalks on them.)


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    Usually, flowers stalk emerge looking looking like a 'spiral' if you look it be its sides: it is all rolled up on itself and slowly unroll as it grows. If you see the 'tiny leaves' with a stalk, it is unlikely to be a flowers stalk. Perhaps a moss or your old flowers stalk dropped seeds and their are sprouting?

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