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Thread: Drosera dilatato-petiolaris

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    I got my seeds from the ICPS seedbank a week ago, and intend to sow them this weekend. Someone knowledgeable and experienced please give me instructions on how to get them to germinate properly. Thanks so much!

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    Petiolaris complex Droserae are a bear to germinate! I have tried several species without success, even with the use of GA3. Possibly my seed was inviable. I sowed them on milled sphagnum on top of a standard 50/50 peat sand mix. Temperatures need to be hot 90-100F, and stay hot! Sowing in late December may help, as this is when the seeds would germinate in habitat. Heat/smoke stratification may help as well. This was the advice given to me, but as I said, so far I have had 0 success with seed from this complex. I hope that you will be the one to crack this nut!

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    A quote from the Petiolaris man his own self:

    I grow Dilatato-petiolaris in 70% perlite, 30%
    spaghnum. They like a very airy mixture. So whatever
    medium you're using, take it easy on the peat. In
    nature, Dilatato-petiolaris grows in very alkaline
    soil. Also, grow all Petiolaris moist, not wet. It's
    better to grow them in small containers, because small
    containers heat up faster. Outside this is how I grow
    my Petiolaris in Spring and Summer in Los Angeles,CA
    : I grow them in 4 inch square pots, standing in water
    with a two-liter bottle put over the top of them.(A
    two-liter bottle fits perfectly into a 4 inch square
    pot and makes a perfect little dome.) Then I give them
    all-day sun. It gets so humid inside that I can't see
    inside of it, but a little thump on the bottle causes
    the water to go back on the plant and in turn, they
    get a little gentle tropical rain for my babies.
    Petiolaris Sean

    He also said for the seed, use the same medium and he does not use GA3 on the dilatato-petiolaris.


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