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Thread: dormancy for drosera

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    Hi, everyone I've been reading these message boards for weeks and have learned a lot about these interesting plants. I have just ordered one of the drosera spathulata plants from this site. What are the dormancy requirements for it. I live in north central Florida, if that makes any difference. Thanks

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    The D.Spathulata is tropical and does not need to go dormant.

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    What about capensis? Does it need a cold dormancy period or does it just stop growing in winter if you stop watering it? LOL i put mine in the fridge for dormancy and it just stopped growing,then when i took it out in spring it flowered-i was told later it didn't need to be put in the fridge! Does anyone here know how cold it gets in Cape Town,South Africa during winter? Phil Jaie u guys r probably gonna start selling these soon...what do u'ds do? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    The climate in South Afrika is mediteran.

    Hot dry summers (cooler and weter at the coast) and cool and wet winters (but no freezing)

    There are wintergrowing spezies in the more arid areas which dry out during summer (Dr. pauciflora, cistiflora, ...)
    as well as Drosera only slowing down their growths rate as Drosera capensis, aliciae, regia which live in more humid areas

    Soth Afrika is also the world of Roridula gorgonias and dentata, but this is another story...
    (nobody is interested in ... buahhh :o( )

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    I have a Capensis that hasn't had dormancy for 2 years now. It is showing no problems and is growing fine.
    Although I am still learning about the Drosera...I have found that Tropical ones-need no dormancy
    Mediterrain - iffy
    Then you have the ones that need it.
    I guess the bottom line is depends on the area that they are from.

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