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Thread: Drosophyllum alba?

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    Dan Panetti
    Hi there- I'm new to this forum but not new to cp's and orchids. Awhile back I'd germinated two seeds of D. Lusitanicum and one entirely lacks pigment in its glands! Has anyone ever heard of this? dan panetti S.E. Wisconsin

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    Welcome to the forums Dan, it's nice to see you here. In case you dont remember me, you sent me a Pinguicula agnata a couple of years ago :-) when I was just getting back into CP (its doing great)!

    To answer your question, it sounds like a losing survival strategy to me as albino mutations always are, unless grafted onto cholorophyll producing stock. If your plant is staying alive, it has to have some cholorophyll. I am reminded of those grafted Gymnocalicium cacti that are pink and yellow. These mutations arose out of a seed batch, but they were immediately grafted after germination, or they would have died shortly after using up the reserves in the seed endosperm.

    Perhaps this is a varigated mutation with the white parts most in evidence?
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    From what I read you have an all green plant, without the reddish pigmentation usually found in the glands? Is this correct, or do you have a truly albino/variegated plant?

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    I think I read the same thing Noah, I have not ever heard of an 'alba' drosophyllum, but that doesn't mean it hsan't happened, or perhaps yours is the first. Very interesting...

    you will of course need to keep us up on it's growth! welcome to the forums!
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