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Thread: Drosera advice

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    I got to try that clean living thing!!!

    Vic Amazing that you have the stenopetala outside! I am heterophyllous with envy!

    Pete, take heed: if Vic has it doing well the winter in Ohio might be to harsh for natural dormancy!
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    Whilst they are both alpine plants, D. stenopetala occurs at much lower altitudes in NZ than does D. arcturi. On N. Island (the warmest) it grows from 900M compared with 1500M for D. arcturi, and it occurs at sea level further south. I think that's why D. stenopetala has been growing better for me. Both species go dormant regardless of the ambient temperature, and is probably controlled by photoperiod. I think a cold winter rest is essential to prevent the plants rotting though. I'm not sure it should be too cold though, as it their natural habitats they are protected by a layer of snow. I must admit I was pleasantly suprised when the plants reappeared in the Spring, and am hoping for a repeat performance next year.

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    Yeah I do not think I'll be leaving them outside, it is already hitting 20F at night and some 40F days here, going to get a whole lot colder before winter even arrives., I will have to work something else out to make it work. Thanks again for all the advice I greatly appreciate it.


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