I have a D Intermedia that is getting ready to flower, and was wandering what the best way to collect seeds is. Getting seeds is important, but I think the most important thing to me is preventing any seeds from falling out. It's in a PFT terrarium and I'd rather avoid having to try and reach in there to gently remove a bunch of seedlings hoping I'm not harming the main plant.

From what I understand, the buds will start to flower from the bottom one up. After the flower closes it will take 3 or 4 weeks and then start to turn brown. Then the seeds in that pod are ready. So, I was going to watch them and, each time one turns brown, cut it off and leave it dry in the sun. Then shake it to get the seeds from it. That should give it enough time for the seeds to be fully fertilized, but keep the pod from dropping them in my terrarium.

Anyone have any comments on this method, or any suggestions? I'm completely new to this, so I welcome any comments. I've never collected seeds from a plant before, which brings up another question. What is the success rate for seeds? In other words, if I try to grow 20, how many seedlings will likely sprout? If I go to trade these seeds, what is a reasonable number to send to someone: 2? 20? 100? Yeah, I told you I was clueless on this stuff.

Thanks for reading!