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Thread: Ruffled foliage?

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    Hello! I have a Drosera adelae. It recovered quickly from being mailed to me, and has thrown up at least a dozen leaves in the last two months. The only weird thing is, the new leaves are ruffled on the edges, less succulant, and sport sparse growths of feeding tentacles on the upper surface. The feeding tentacles are pronounced and well developed along the edges of the leaf blade though. There is no red coloration.

    I keep my Sundews in an eastern window so that they can recieve light for at least the early morning. Some of my other Sundews are growing spindly, indicating that they would like more light. Not the D. capensis though, they are as happy as a clam. But I thought that D. adelae enjoyed shaded sunlight.

    Have any of the rest of you seen this variant 'ruffly-balding' leaf type? And do you know what causes it?

    Thank you very much!


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    Hi Johji,
    My experience with D. Adelae is that it really does well under flourescents (I don't have a window with shaded sun, it's all or nothin' in my house). I have mine in a tank with a lid under twin flourescent tubes, and they are REALLY dewy.
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    Hi there:

    I have got 2 D. adelae, one of them is now having second plants from the pot due to root growth (they produce plants from roots too) and I had similar problem to yours too. The only thing I can add is that when the plants is in stress they do that kind of things however, they will recover pretty soon if you keep the humidity high and leave them along for them to recover. The stress may due to the transportation.



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