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Thread: It's alive!

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    Wow, while I was gone on holiday, my sundew seeds (of several types donated by several people) have exploded into germination... well maybe not exploded but their are a good number of them. All of them are of the one seed type I had sprout early, except one... hee hee hee! I think my Oddball is a Cape, it's growing so fast. I'm just so happy I could pop! I also thinned my little darlings today by picking up clots of dirt they are in with tweezers, so now they have at least a cm or two between each other. My first born are doing great and have several adult leaves with itsy bitsy dew drops, they are so cute! I hope they continue to speed in their growth, okay I'm done gloating, lol
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    Gloat away, Darcie!

    I have just had some similar success with D. Aliciae (Maybe a month ago), and my Angelica are starting to sprout.

    Just like you, these new additions are thanks to generous donations. I think I may shortly have more that I know what to do with....
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