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Thread: D. cap some seed qns

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    hey my D cap is flowering and the flowers are blooming.
    how do i know if there are seeds and how do i get them?
    how long does it take to get seeds
    how does the seeds look like?i have a dead flower on my sundew
    whats the best environment for the seeds?is LFS moss ok?
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    If you got the sundew from FEF Singapore, and if it's the same case as mine (and many other people who got the plant from the same source), the dead flower should signal the end of the entire flower stalk very soon.

    Then of cos, if the stalk doesn't die, u'll get little seed pods on the stalk. Assuming it's the same as my D.intermedia, wait about 5-6 weeks when the pods are all ripe. You know they are ripe when they turn black or dark brown and look like they are able to crack open.

    Actually, let the bottom-most pod crack open by its own -- that way, u won't have to guess whether the seeds are ripe or not. Losing that last pod wouldn't hurt. Then use a toothpick and prick the other pods open. The seeds are contained in the pods like little beads contained in a bag. The seeds are little black dots. Let them fall onto a piece of paper of somethg.

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