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Thread: S.american sundews

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    Does anyone here grow any of the South American (esp Brazilian) sundews? I have recently obtained seed of D.ascendens and D.communis, and was wondering if you have any hints/tips for these species? (e.g. when to sow, temperature range, humidity, etc - couldn't find much info on the net).

    By the way, there is a fantastic web site on Brazilian CPs, at:

    Click on the link to 'Gêneros e espécies' (genera & species) on the right-hand side/frame, then on 'Drosera', then 'sul-americanas', to view some stunning photos of Brazilian Drosera in habitat. I particularly like D.chrysolepis.

    Adam. *
    P.S. Some excellent photos of other Drosera & other CP on that site too! I think it's Fernando Rivadavia's site, a well-known contibutor to the ICPS CPN journal (and UK CPS journal).
    Kind regards,

    Wales, UK
    I'm mainly interested in Drosera, Dionaea & Aldrovanda, Hardy Orchids (esp Dactylorhiza), Arums and Ericas (Heaths/Heathers - European + S.African)

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    I have just started growing these beautiful plants! Mine respond to fairly typical care, but the humidity and temperature requirements are more exacting. Plants require high humidity, and temps. no higher than 80F. Seedlings are prone to damping off, so I suggest sowing on milled dead sphagnum moss.

    Drosera communis has a short seed viability and I suggest you sow asap.

    I have a passionate interest in growing these plants, and would welcome correspondance with other growers.

    Please email me at if interested.
    "Grow More, Share More"

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    I am very interested in S.American's also, but I have yet to own one. What is the "easiest" of all the South Americans? Thanks-Zach
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    Hi Adam,

    You are referring to Fernando's and Marcelo's website, a FABULOUS piece of work!

    I grow many South American Drosera. You can see some pics on my web page at

    I've posted quite a bit of info on these species and how to grow them - check out the rest of my website as well as the CP listserv archives (a web search or 2 should find you a lot more info). Also, check out, I might have offered some more info there.

    May I ask where you got your D. communis seed? (please contact me privately) Many times, seed labelled this turns out to be spatulata or tokaiensis.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Zach,

    Try montana tomentosa first, this is one of the easier ones


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