Hey, everyone.

Well, I have repotted my spath, capensis, and adelae sundews (to get rid of some red wrigglers) and they are dewy again after 2 days recovering in my terrarium.

The procedure was as follows:

I soaked the old pots in distilled water for about 45 mins each in order to loosen up the soil and encourage the worms to travel out. Dumped the water in the garden--suprising number of other creatures in the water, as well as several worms.

Washed each plant in distilled until it was clean, then added it to the new "pots" while simultaneously pouring in new, wet mix. Then washed the plant down with more distilled to set the mix down.

I used dark, translucent plastic drinking glasses as the new "pots," after sawing holes in the bottom edges for water flow. Looks nice--you can just see patches of the white perlite showing through.

Mix of 50% perlite, 40% LFS and 10% peat. Very light, mostly artificial, ought to be plenty wet and acidic. Might be a little airy for the sundews?

The old soil was very rich indeed--the worms were working hard, and it barely resembled peat anymore. I've seen Illinois soil that looked like this "peat."

Thanks for the help, everyone. The capensis has been a slow grower, and I am hoping that this transfer will help it perk up a bit. The adelae is indestructible. The spath continues to flower, despite this rough treatment, and I have hopes for a full recovery.