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    I have a small cape sundew (have had it for about a week now) it receives good amount of sun most of the day. I have noticed though that small red bloches have been showing up on some of the leaves (they don't move so they're not mites) are the red spots a good thing (like redness on a Venus Fly Trap) or is this something I should be worried about?

    Thanx for your help, L.A. Traphole

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    If the plant has been greenhouse grown in low light conditions (i.e. if the leaves are green) it should be *gradually acclimated to higher light. *The deepeing color in the leaves of sundews is an overall and gradual thing normally. *It could be that your plant has suffered some sunburn or possibly some sort of fungal attack - only time will tell. *It could also be that the plant is just responding differently under your different conditions, but I would keep a *eye on it.

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