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Thread: Storing seeds

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    Late yesterday I cut the flower stalks of my D Intermedia off into a paper envolope, and after a little shaking could see some super small black specks sitting in the bottom. I'm assuming those are the seeds. Now I'm at a loss for what to do with them though.

    I would like to plant a few, and I understand that I should probably place them in the refridgerator for about a month before planting. Is that right? More importantly, how about the rest? I'd like to trade them, but how should I store them until then? Somewhere room temperature, or in the fridge with the others? Any advice? Thanks.

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    I'm pretty sure they'll keep for a while in the dry paper in the fridge. When you want to germinate them, you should stratisfy (sp? never get that word right) them first. This means they should be kept in the fridge, but on a damp papertowel in a baggie. With seeds this small, it might actually be easier to sow them, then put the whole pot in a baggie in the fridge...

    Anyway, just keeping them dry will work fine for the amount of time it takes you to find traders.
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