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Thread: Petiolaris complex

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    what are the best condition to grow drosera of the petiolaris complex ?

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    I grow mine in a 50/50 mix of live moss and pearlite. I do not leave the plants in tray watering, except during the summer when abundant light supports rapid and compact growth, and water them similar to tropical houseplants, keeping them well watered. I get the best growth with evenly warm to hot conditions with little night time drop. I have not found that high humidity is very essential.
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    Theres only room for one ceph lol

    Yea, for petiolaris, keep the plant very warm from strong growlights, or like me, from an under the pot heating source like a reptile heat mat. I water from the top.
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    thank you for your advices
    cephalotus88 dont worry !
    you are 88
    i am only O

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