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Thread: D. regia seedling

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    After waiting two long months I just noticed my first D.Regia sprout. Of all the seeds I have planted the last couple months this one is the one I have been most anxious about, that being said I was wondering if any one had any advice on growing this plant.


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    warm, not hot in summer, cool, but not cold during winter. Nights colder.
    Peat and coarse sand at 1:1, very(!) deep pots.
    Water slightly during winter and a bit more during summer, on hot days you can use the tray system for short periods.
    Humidity usual (50-60%), light levels avarage.

    Seedlings are growing much slower than root cuttings (see also my post in the trade forum) and sometimes die when still quite young.

    good luck !

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    With all due respect to Martin, there are other options. I tried the methods Martin gives repeatedly, but always failed with this species. In my latest attempt, I have thrown caution to the wind, and am following my sources method of cultivation. I have my plant in live sphagnum, with a good layer of redwood mulch at the bottom of the pot to discourage anaerobic conditions. I use a deeep pot, and this sits in an undrained container. The moss is flooded at all times, and are grown just shy of being semiaquatic. The plants definitely appreciate cool nights, and seem to languish with constant warmth. I believe this temperature drop is the probably most critical element of their care. I think the live moss keeps the roots cool, and this is something that they want. For the first time ever, my plant is growing.
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