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Thread: Broken ac

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    Well, today the airconditioning broke, and it is really hot. The humidity in my terrerium went way down, but is still resonable. The only probelm is the temperature that I am worried about. The temperature in my house is about 95, so I can only imagine what it is inside my drosera terrerium. Should I worry?
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    I wouldn't wory too much as long as you keep that water up to your plants. Last summer my greenhouse consistently hit 50c (don't know what this is in F, but about 120??) I kept the water up and only a few plants were adversley affected (my Nep x-alardii didn't like it to much). Still it's not something I would recomend! The only thing I did notice was that flower spikes kept aborting, but I asume this was from the twice dayly over-head watering (misting). I should also mention that the plants outside were in the high 30s to 40c (100f+). Most of my plants are Drosera, with a few Sarras.

    What species do you have in the terarium? Keep a close eye on them and let us know what happens.


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