Hi, earlyer this year, I sent out over 100 capensis seedlings of various strains. I would like to know how they are doing. If you have some of my babies, and a little time, please share with us how they have turned out. Things like size, coloring, the like. It will be interesting to compair how they did in different enviornments as I know cultivation technques varry alot. I'll start.

'Alba': Only one of the larger strain survived and non of the smallers when the soil accidently got dried out while I was away training my grandmas new puppy. This individual is hardend off to room humidity and temps and is about 1 inch tall with no pigment, little dew and spindly leaves. AKA, I'm not real good with sundew.

'Red': Shortly after sending out my extra 'Red' seedlings, the heater in my house unexpectidly turned on and cooked my remaining plant. Yes, I know, their is a trend here.

'Typical': Exactly the same as the 'Alba'. No joke, just one of the larger strain survived and looks almost exactly the same as the sole surviving Alba. Did I mention I'm new to sundew, lol.

so, I'm assumeing others have had better luck? I'd like to here how things went, and have a goal to aspire to Thanks all.