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Thread: Root Disturbance

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    I have a pot full of B. liniflora seedlings. My question is, can I remove them and put them in individual pots without killing them? They're about 1 1/2" tall and growing well. Everything I've read says not to disturb the roots but I'm worried about them becoming over crowded and I'd really like to give one to a friend for their birthday. Any advice or ideas?
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    Your seedlings are nice and big! Mine are about 3/4". Their roots are tiny but I did replant them. I dug them up along with the "soil" and planted it elsewhere.
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    Yes, the trick I think is to keep the root ball as intact as possible, possibly using 2 spoons as a form of tweezers. I just transplanted some Drosera gramminifolia using this method with good results. Have the hole ready to receive the root ball, and don't lose your grip, lol. After the transplant apply a little topwatering (gently&#33 to settle the plant into the new pot.
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