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Thread: Worried about my capensis

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    Hello I have just had a disaster with my D. Capensis and VFT. I put my plants outside and when I went to check on them, after a few hours, their pots had been knocked over by my dogs. I have to replant my plants, the problem is I already replanted the sundew 2 times before (just once before with my VFT). Will continously replanting CPs kill/hurt them? By the way I've had the plants a little over a month now. This is the absolute last time, I will be more careful in the future.

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    I doubt that the spill will much affect your D. capensis, it is a tough plant with long thick roots. The VFT may be affected though as the roots from the rhizome are few and rather brittle. Keep the plant protected from sun and drying winds for a couple of weeks, and not overly wet until you see some new growth from the center.
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    LA Traphole, I don't think you have anything to worry about with the capensis. They are as sturdy as dandelions! I had one grow in my bucket of used medium that I had sitting around....from roots that I had dug out of my terrarium (I didn't know the roots were mixed in with the medium). I looked in the bucket the other day to get some extra soil to re-pot someone else, and BAM, there was a capensis ... never watered, no light, sheesh...What a survivor!
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