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Thread: Displaying small sundew

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    As most of you know by now, I have a weird sundew that showed up in my seedlings from last october. They are less then 1cm in diameter and only have 3 active leaves at a time, older leaves turn bright magenta and slowly die back, newer leaves form tiney trio's of green dots at the center and unroll uniformly. They really are pritty little things and most here seem to suspect a spatulata of some sort getting mixed with other seeds I got by mistake (I did plant sptulata, but of a different discription and those are also growing)

    Okay, enough recap, I'd like to know what to do with these tiney dews. I've got 5 of them, but they are so small, it's almost impossible to tell they are their at all. How do you guys display your very small sundew? Right now they are planted about 1 inch appart in a 3 inch pot and it just looks like a pot of dirt. Do you think they would grow okay next to each other? I'm strongly thinking of moveing them to a 2 inch pot I found as they don't have much in the way of a root system to deal with in the first place, transplant has always been a non-even for them. My main fear is that all this open soil is just begging to get some kind of deadly unwanted pot guest growing. Or, do you think it best to let them be and prey for some flowers to produce seed? (although how something smaller then the nail on my pinky finger could flower I know not). I'd like to here everyones opinyons on the matter thanks
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    I vote for let them be, Drosera are used to growing en masse. Rule of thumb is if they are doing ok, then let them be :-)
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    My vote would be leave them. It's a running joke in my family that everytime I transplant a plant, it dies. . So, I've learned that hands off is the key to good growing!!!


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