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Thread: Drosera petiolaris

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    I planted my seeds on December 1st and noticed germination a week ago so they took a little over a month to germinate. I have kept the nighttime low at 70 F religiously, and daytime temps are between 75 & 80. Humidity was VERY high all the time, I run 2 humidifiers during all daylight hours. Suspended 8" above the pots are 2 compact flourescent bulbs. All of my other Drosera seeds have sprouted and growing rapidly (indica, burmanii, nidiformis). Any advice for ongoing care of the petiolaris? Looks like an interesting plant.

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    hmm... for the petiolaris plants i would say more heat less humidity... i have a few D. ordensis mulligans lagoon gowing in this set up...
    you put the heater in the tank, then put some plastic pots UPSIDE DOWN on the floor of the tank. in a 10 gallon tank i use 6 3" pots for support. now cut a shelf out of that plastic grid light defuser stuff, that will sit on top of the pots. the point of the grid is that now, you have a permeable shelf that a)raises the plants closer to the lights, and b) leaves 3" of water below the shelf so that the heater remains submerged at all times. oh yeah, before you put the shelf in set the heater to 88 degrees. put the shelf in, on top of the pots, and add pure water so that it is one inch above the level of the shelf. now plug in your heater. NEVER PLUG IN A HEATER UNLESS IT IS COMPLETELY SUBMERGED. NEVER ALLOW THE WATER BELOW THE SHELF TO EVAPORATE, so that the heater is always submerged. if you have to remove the heater from the water for any reason, UNPLUG IT AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE TAKING IT OUT OF WATER. so, if you follow this, you will have a total of 4" of water in the terrarium--3 below the shelf for the heater, and one inch above the shelf, for the plants. then just put the potted plants on the shelf. whenever the water level drops down to the shelf level, add another inch. watch the system initially to see how long it takes for the water to drop an inch, it may only be a couple days. finally, i don't put any cover on a system like this, these plants seem to dislike super humidity.
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