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Thread: Needed sundew info

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    Does anyone know how big Drosera Rotundufolia gets?! (sorry if spelling is wrong) I am looking to get it since it is native to my state and i would like to grow it outside.


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    D. rotundifolia can get about 3 inches as a semi upright form, depending on the age of this temperate perennial species. Looking at them last week in a local bog, I was struck by how the populations receiving the longest sun exposure were significantly larger than more shaded areas, and the bog sections with the oldest growth had the largest plants. Examination of the larger plants has shown their age by counting the attached old rosettes from previous seasons growth. I have seen decade old individuals. I have plants with traps close to the size of a dime, but this is extremely large. They have small fiberous roots and do not require deep pots. I have found that this is a difficult plant to keep if wild collected, but that seed grown specimens fare much better in cultivation. I grow mine in pure live sphagnum with close attention to water purity. The plant has a mandatory winter dormancy.
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