I just purchased another Sundew from Lowes tonight. The 1st 1 I had, I kept in full sun. It was a Drosera adelae. It is now in a new location were I grow Impatiens, that do great. I looked at it close this weekend and the leaves are brown and the new shoots which used to be green are also brown, that's way I bought the new one. A few questions for everybody is this. 1. Should I just dispose of the old sundew, Drosera adelae, or let it go and see it comes back around? 2. Does anyone have any hints or growing tips on Drosera adelae. I live in south east PA. I grow my Drosera adelae outside were it recieves early morning and late evening sunlight. Like I said earlier I have Impatiens growing in the same location, which love shade, and are growing like crazy. Is this a good location for my sundew?
All help appreciated, thanks.