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Thread: creepy back from the dead story

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    eel electric

    Red face

    OK, so we've been having a bit of a hot dry spell here in Colorado. Perhaps you've heard about the fires on the news. Well, with hot dry summers come moths. We have a plethora. They're everywhere. They're taking over everything. They're evil.

    So I'm at work in Safeway's produce section, minding my own business when an evil moth caterpillar scares the explicative out of me. I've had enough. This heinous thing must be destroyed. I D adalea has been looking mighty hungry lately, so I figure I'll feed the little nasty to a CP in need.

    I get home with the smuggled caterpillar and quickly drop the squirming pest onto the awaiting dew covered leaves of D adalea. The caterpillar says "oooh, Fun!" and starts crawling all over, unimpeded by what I was hoping to be a grueling pain filled death. So I take it out, and proceed to place the little sucker in a tumbler of water in hopes of drowning it before feeding it to my CP. When it stops squirming, I take it out and put it in the dew. I watch for a little while, and the beastie starts crawling away again. GASP! It was FAKING!!! So I drown it again, only this time I let it sit in the water of death overnight. When I come back, as expected, the nefarious insect larva is motionless. I take it out of the death fluid and put it back on the awaiting foliage. I watch this time for several movement. So I go to work with the smug attitude that I have rid myself of a small annoyance.

    I come back from work and inspect the dirty business of the previous hours. The caterpillar is nowhere to be seen. There is a huge gash eaten out of the side of one of my poor sundew's leaves. I inspect the underside and see the vampiric little monster chomping away. It rose from the dead!!! This is too much to take. I banish it from my house, throwing it as far into the street as I can.

    So several days later I re-inspect the violated leaf of the sundew, fully expecting it to have fallen off, but instead it has begun enlarging, approaching its former shape. "Great", I think, "Now the sundew's gone all vampiric".

    Thanks for reading my long story. So, is this possible? Do sundews re-grow damaged leaves?

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    Ah ha ha, great story! Stupid caterpillars. I had one eat all the red "hairs" off my Drosera capensis, but left the actual leaf alone. So now I got this leaf growing, but with no hairs or dew on it. No, I don't have a pic of it, I gave it to my friend.
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    eel electric
    Yeah, I guess the moral of the story is to never feed caterpillars (live or dead) to sundews or else they'll turn them into blood sucking zombie creatures who will in turn bite you, and then you'll have to make many withdrawals from the blood bank, except you couldn't drown to death, so I guess if you're a surfer you might want to look into that sort of thing.

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