My Drosera nitidula x occidentalis is in flower. All flowers on the plants do have only 4 petals, as reported in the Savage Garden. But both parents do usually have 5 petals. No i wonder, how the hybrid between these two plants can have a flower with only 4 petals. I always thought, Drosera pygmaea is the only species with 4 petals.

Here are two Links, which show some photos of the two parents, published in Lowrite III.


And here is a picture of the flower i took from my Drosera nitidula x occidentalis :


Ps: Of course it's not Drosera occidentalis x nitidula, as written in the Topic Title, but Drosera nitidula x occidentalis. I would appreciate, if a moderator could change the Topic Title to Drosera nitidula x occidentalis.