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Thread: Seeds

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    Hey, for some time now my spatulatas have been flowering, i never knew when to colect the seeds because all i see is the floweres, on one "flower" i took it off the stalk and took a tooth pic and took out all the "seeds" that were in there, they look like the seeds, but how do i know>? can i take all my flowers off the stalks and take all the seeds out and have mass drosera, ?,....... but like i said before, how do i know when to colect the seedS? they have been out for quite a while now,.. and when i coleect them should i let them dry for a couple days then plant?

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    Hi Stefano,

    I used to collect my seeds when all seeds pods are dried up on the flower stalk, but I think you can make it individually. Pollinate your flowers, then wait until their calyx turn dark and broke by themselves on the upper part (it will look like a paper cup that you crushed between your hand... well, kinda). When all the seeds pods look that way, I cut the stalk gently, to avoid to loose seeds, and keep it upright for transport, for the same reason. I bring it over a white sheet of paper where I 'beat' it against litterally to make to seeds exit the seeds pods. This way, you can have an idea of how much seeds you have, and can remove misc. debris very easily, and separate them right away in individual packs if you want to.

    It is better to wait too long than the opposite, the seeds aren't not wasted if they wait in the pods few more weeks (unless the stalk bends over...), but cutting it too soon will give you immature seeds with almost/no results at all... Good luck!

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