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Thread: The plants that couldn't die

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    I had a D. dielsiana that was getting overcome by moss and a D. capensis that was looking very peaked under some lights, so I moved them both to a southern window. I replanted them into some bowls (those plastic ones you can get here, as a matter of fact).

    The D. dielsiana, after I plucked all the moss away from the clump, has sprouted a bunch of new leaves--it's as if I have six new plants!

    But the amazing one is the D. capensis. I clipped off the "growth points" (rosettes?), and planted those in the new soil. I then planted the rest of the plant with one "stem" exposed vertically and the other planted horizontally just under the soil surface. One of the growth points sprouted new leaves and roots. I have two new points on the old stem, and the buried one is producing new shoots all along itself!

    And the dried LFS I used as a top dressing is coming to life in spots. There seems to be some sort of grass springing up in there, as well. I'm leaving everything alone except the original killer moss, which I continue to pluck out as soon as it appears.

    The sun really makes a difference. Accept no substitutes. Experiences like this are almost enough to make me believe in spontaneous generation!


    I'd rather have a butterwort in front of me than a...wait, ummm...I'll come up with something...

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    WoW! Even though my D. capensis isn't/ wasn't ever hurt, the day that I got it, I placed it on my windowsill. Within 4 days, it began to flower, within two weeks, it had a large offshoot. Now, two months later, it has two LARGE offshoots that are incredibly healthy! HAPPY GROWING!
    I am back..

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