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Thread: Thinking about a sundew

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    Soooo... maybee i should buy another pitcher plant [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Since this is the place for talk of sundews, I've got a question! I've mentioned in various forums that I've ordered 2 sundews from Chris Fieger in Quebec, Canada. The two I'm buying are drosera capillaris and drosera alba (I think that's the name of the second).
    They'll be living in the same 5 gallon terrarium with my VFT's. Does anyone know how big they get? Should that size tank keep them for quite awhile?
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    D. adelae is the best. none have dormancies, as for they are tropical. I wouldnt get a sundew, i got mine and it didnt come with any dew on its leaves, and i bought it from here! i snipped off all those leaves and no new ones grew and it slowly decayed. There to much to care for when it comes to they need humidity, and a terarium. And it is not worth just one plant my friend.[/QUOTE]

    Now wait a minute are you saying that none of the sundews require dormacies? If you are I think you are sadly mistaken. As for being hard to grow most sundews are not. The shock of shipping causes a lot of sundews to lose there dew but most of the time the dew will return. The D.adela is one that is often know for drying up for no reason. I have one that is completly dew free setting next to one covered in dew. I grow a lot of mine year round outside with out any special care and even after a week without rain they are covered with dew. You can see some of my sundews in my posting "sundews in my bog"

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