Hello everybody!

It's been around 86 degrees here lately, and not raining very much. Out of the sundews that I am trying to grow, Drosera adelae is the first place winner, followed by D. 'Marston Dragon', and then D. capensis. The criteria for judging was simply the amount of dew the plants are producing. Now, there may be other factors involved. my lovely D. adelae is showing no red in it's most recent leaves. This makes me suspect that I am not offering enough sunlight to my plants, and yet I fear to put them outside where the noon sun might take the temperatures much higher than they would like. We've also got an overly rambunctious dog that likes to strip banana trees...

Anyway, if anyone else from Hawaii cares to share in my sundew experiences, I'd recommend D. adelae, D. 'Marston Dragon', and D. Capensis.

Understand that I am only two months into raising these.