I'm just gonna make a small journal similar to Darcies.

Yesturday I took the 2 drosera I got from pft that were send dormant out of dormancy. I also, a while ago, planted some Drosera spatulata seeds, and some Drosera burmanii seeds, thanks larry! if you ever have more available, keep me on your list. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]

Drosera filiformis 'California Susnet'=NC
Drosera binata=NC
Drosera spatulata * I have seen little seedlings for about a week now. They're getting bigger by the day, have too many to count, lol
Drosera burmanii * I've seen little green specs for a while ago, but I'm not sure if they're burmanii seedlings
Drosera adelae * It has grown awfully slow since I got it, but after I put it in my lowland terrarium, it shot up like a rocket! I see a flower stalk now! the seedlings (1 cm-2 inches) are doing okay
Drosera capensis * It's still pigging out on the shrimp pellet, hope it flowers again like last year.
Drosera capensisseedlings * they're growing fast now! the largest one is more than 2 inches in diameter!
Drosera spathulata,'pink flower'I'm sure it's 'pink flower', cause the flowers are pink * still sending up flower stalks
Drosera alicae (sp? please correct me pingman)=NC