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Thread: My spatulata losing its red

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    My D. spatulata is losing its red. I got it about a week ago and its doing fine. I was out of town when I got it and so it went a few days with a make shift terrarium. When I got back home the dew was all gone, but it's now slowly recovering. Now the the new growth has no red, and the old growth gets plenty of light, almost a full days worth of full sun. The temp is maintained in the mid 80's during the day and the 70's at's humid too. So what's up? Isn't is supposed to maintain its deep red color in plenty of light? THis is my first Drosera so my knowledge is limited.

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    It could be that those new leaves started life during a dark shipping time and they are just now showing up. I haven't had sundew all that long, but in my Red Dragon VFT their is a delay in color change of new leaves by about 3 weeks.
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    New leaves are usually green when they are produced, but with strong light should redden up in a week or 2.
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