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Thread: Best method to care for Seedlings?

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    I have a handful of newly sprouted sundews, specifically D. capensis, and was wondering if people with more experience than me can offer suggestions as to what should be my objective as far as humidity, light, water, etc. Should they be treated as adults in all these aspects, or treated differently in order to prevent rotting, fungus, etc. Thanks!

    Just trying to help these little guys along early...

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    I would treat them as adults, but initially with a greater concern to humidity, watering and overexposure to sun. Once they have a few true leaves, they are well on their way. Capensis is very durable, so I doubt humidity will be much of an issue. Harden them off as soon as possible, and try not to grow them too humid, they don't need it. Seedlings are the perfect way to acclimate plants well to your conditions, and if too long grown soft, it will be harder to wean them to harsher conditions.
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