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Thread: Seed questions

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    hi there,

    I just picked up some seed from D. Burmanii, and D. auriculata.
    I was wondering if any body has had any experience growing these plants from seed. If so what tips do you have to share. what medium did you use?

    any help would be greatly appriciated,

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    I use a mixture of peat and sand (more sand than peat) for both species.

    Drosera burmanii is easy to grow from seed. Place the seeds on the soil and keep the pot warm and wet. As soon as you can see the first seedlings, place the pot on bright place. D. burmanii needs a lot of light. If kept bright and warm, the plants will grow very fast. Do not forget to collect the seeds when it flowers. Drosera burmanii most often dies after flowering. It's an annual plant.

    Drosera auriculata can also be sown right now. Place the seeds on the soil. I would suggest not to water it before spetember/october as it is a tuberous species. The seeds should germinate at the end of the year. I did so 2 years ago and it worked well. It is the easiest tuberous drosera (and the only one i have). I've also heard, that it can be grown wet during summer, but i haven't tried it.


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