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Thread: Drosera alicaie seeds

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    How should I sow them and what kind of growing media. I have never done any cp seed. And they are extremely small. I have never seen seeds so small wow. Please Help!
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    Here is how I do it:

    Have your moistened mix in the pots and ready. Take a sheet of white paper and fold it. Good bright light is needed to see the seed. Put your seed on the paper, and by gently tapping, try to roll individual seeds down the fold, and onto the medium, one by one. Don't sow too thickly: although the seeds are small each one is a potential plant. 25-30 seeds is a good sowing, and this is not much when you see it on the paper. Seedlings grow best when not overcrowded. Keep the end of the fold moving, so that you plant each seed in a different place

    What you want for mix is a fairly loose medium for the small roots to penetrate, which is why I recommend peat/silica sand 50/50. If you plan on transplanting after the seedlings develop a little, then pure peat is an option, as is milled dead sphagnum moss. Both these substrates have natural antiseptic qualities, and they also discourage fungus and algae. Algae can interfere with germination, and competes with the seedlings. You should however aim at getting them into their permanent homes in a good 50/50 mix as stated after they form 4-5 leaves. Remember to be patient: this seed can take awhile to germinate, usually in about 2 weeks to a month you should see some results. Don't water or spray from the top as this can bury the seed. Use only rain or better, distilled, water. Give it warmth, but light levels should not be high until there is germination: too much light will support algal growth. Check the pots weekly (or daily , and when you can see germination, move the pots into good bright light, no direct sun. Humidity should be reduced in stages, slowly, after germination. If the pots are in baggies (which I recommend, seed needs high humidity to germinate), poke a hole or two after you are sure all the seed has germinated. Then in a week a couple of more. Ideally you will be able to do away with the cover in a month or so. Be attentive to what the seedlings tell you, but expect some to die off in the process. The survivors will be adapted to harsher conditions, and will be healthier than plants grown in too high a humidity. 70% is about ideal for these plants. It is fascinating to watch the growth process, and I consider growing from seed to be one of the finest aspects of this hobby.

    Enjoy! Drosera aliciae is a truly beautiful South African species, easy to grow (although not the fastest to mature) producing large rosettes in time which will offset and form clumps. It flowers and self pollinates producing a lot of seed.
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