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Thread: Looking for a couple sugestions

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    Well as a newbi in the filed of Carnivorus Plants, I recently orderd myself a Sundew (Drosera spp) to try me green (or lack there of) thumb upon.

    I have seen several resources that seem to contradict eachother in some areas and am hoping a few people here could shed a little light on the situation for me.

    Do they like artifical light (read flourecent)?

    Wattering: Just let the dish soak up watter or watter like a traditional plant?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Forums and congratulations on choosing what I personally consider the most beautiful of all Cp's.

    The best plan is to pot your plant in a mix of 50/50 Canadian peat/silica sand. The sand needs to be pure white silica sand, not river sand or beach sand. It is important with most CP that any minerals be avoided, both in the mix and in the water used which must be pute distilled or rain water. Minerals are death to these plants. Rinse the sand well before you use it as the mineral dust that comes with it can support the growth of mold and algae.

    Put the mix in a 4 inch plastic pot and plant your plant in it, taking care not to damage the roots.

    I use a tray for watering with about an inch of pure water in it at all times. Terrarium culture is recommended until the plant adjusts. After it is growing well, you might be able to grow it outside, depending on the humidity in your area. These plants love high humidity.

    Sundews are light loving plants, and need as much light as cacti for good growth, but not too much too fast! Lighting can be by several means, but initially flourescent lighting is best. If a window sill is used, care must be taken not to expose the plant to too much sunlight all at once, or it is likely to burn the leaves. I use a minimum of (2) 40 watt balanced spectrum lights above my terraria set in a typical "shoplight". Putting the plants within 4 inches of the lights will give good coloration and will support typical growth. Cover the terrarium but leave an inch open for air circulation.

    Dont feed your plant until it is producing good growth, and the dewy leaves typical for the genus. I remove the insects bodies after the plant has digested them as they can lead to fungus infections that can affect the health of your plant.

    So, in review you need: a mineral free mix to plant them in, plastic pots, PURE water, good light and high humidity. This advice applies to most of the Drosera species.

    I hope this helps and best of luck. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have.
    "Grow More, Share More"

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    I'm having great luck (so far) growing D. anglicae, D. rotundifolia, and another N American variety outdoors in a big pot with a lot of other, taller carnivorous plants. When in NAmerica, grow what grows there. I have found that blocking the air flow around the pot a bit, with plants or with fencing, allows the pot to keep a good "local humidity" for the plants.

    Any of the Three Sisters will grow well under lights.

    I have a few tropicals, including a capensis, growing in terraria (actually, those bowl things from on a southern-facing window sill. I have protected them from heat buildup by leaving the tops open and covering the exposed side with a little paper "shade cloth."

    I'd rather have a butterwort in front of me than a...wait, ummm...I'll come up with something...

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