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Thread: Mold on moss -- what to do next?

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    Sorry, I'm sure this topic is fully covered elsewhere but I need to get rid of mold that I spotted today on a pot full of baby Drosera Adelae.

    They have been thriving very well with nice dew drops but I need to keep them enclosed for the humidity so I discovered fuzzy white mold forming on the moss as a consequence.

    I have caught them early since I check them everyday.

    I'm not sure what my next move should be. I finished flushing the moss thoroughly with clean water for several minutes and then applied garden sulphur but not sure if it is sufficient.

    Should I just keep a vigil for the next few days with the plant pot uncovered, or should I just replant them in fresh moss at the risk of losing some of the seedlings?

    Also, is slimy moss an indicator that the moss is going bad?


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    I think my plan would be to maintain the pot at slightly less humid conditions, and keep close watch for signs of the plants being unhappy (i.e. loss of dew). I also would probably split my chances, and immediately transplant some into fresh medium: this plant is sensitive to fungal attacks as are all the Queensland droserae.

    I am surprised that you got seed from your plants: this is a fairly rare event!
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    Thanks for the advice.

    They were not sown from seeds. Sorry for the misnomer.

    They are off shoots from the main -- or "mother" -- plant. There's about a dozen of them that I carefully separated from the main plant and they have been doing well less the slight fungus problem.

    It's been two days since I thoroughly flushed them with water and drained them with garden sulphur and I haven't seen a return of the fungus...yet. I'm keeping a vigil and clean moss standing by just in case. I may just replant them -- or at least half of them to play the odds as you suggested -- regardless...

    Sadly, I had to sacrifice and wash away the dewdrops on the plants but they are coming back and it doesn't look like I have too many casualties.

    Unfortunately, I live in a dry climate so I'm forced to use an enclosure else my adelae won't develop dew. Of course, this enclosure encourages fungi growth due to the moisture.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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