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Thread: Question about nitidula hybrids

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    Hello, I was just wondering if all pygmies that are hybridized with D. Nitidula have white flowers with those very pretty bright red beads? (I think they're called stigmas)? If not then which hybrids/pure species have white flowers red stigmas? Thanx for the information

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    Too answer your question, as far as I know, all D. nitidula hybrids exhibit the red club shaped styles. I believe there is no white flowered form other than these hybrids that show this form, unless they are D. nitidula or one of its subspecies itself.

    Phill Mann taught me a simple rule, if you think it may be D. nitidula or a hybrid, it likely is! Those club shaped styles are easy to spot....too easy, sigh. Phill discounted about 6 of my species this summer....
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