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Thread: Help my sundews?

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    i have 2 sundews in my terarium, along with 3 venus',2 pitchers and 1 cobra lillie. Now my sundews seemed to be thriving for a while, but now they are turning brown, and are not stickey at all, i tried to increase the moisture but it just made them brown and kinda soggy. i also HAD sweet pitchers, but they turned brown and limp and are gone now. my cobra lillies seem to be shriveling up and dieng as well, along with my tropical pitcher's (only the pitchers themselves have died, the rest of the plant seems fine) i have a gnat problem which is why i got the sundews to help reduce the bugs but they never seemed stickey enough to do the job. what could be causing the problem
    should i cut down on the amount of light being given to them? i usually give them maby 13 hrs of light. or could the gnats be causing this?

    ANY!!!! info will be helpful

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    Can you tell us what species they are by any chance? Also, you mentioned that it was humid, but how warm (or cool) is it? Does your terrarium get any air circulation?
    You said 13 hours of light...what kind? Sun or flourescent? Might be able to help you out a little more if you can give us some more specifics....
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    i cant be sure of the species, (probably a comman one, theres nothing really"special" about it. they recieve flourescent light. i have the back open for circulation but occationally put a towl over it to give it humidity (i live in DRY Arizona). and the humidity is probably hot humid.

    does this help any?

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    Are you growing them in a substrate terrarium or in pots? The presence of fungus gnats is a good indicator that all is not well with your mix: too high a nutrient level can cause the problems you mention, and substrate terrariums are notorious for going bad in this regard. Are you using distilled water, and how wet is the mix? There are any number of conditions that can cause the symptoms you describe.

    Read the post I made here:;t=898

    which [retty much covers the issue of sundew cultivation from my perspective.

    Good luck with your plants.
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