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Thread: Basic sundew husbandry info needed!

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    Hey everybody,
    Well, I have a CP starter kit arriving from PFT and I believe one of the plants is a Drosera I have been learning the basics of Nepenthes and VFT care but I need some basic info on the Sundews so I dont end up killing them.What are the real basic,easily understood requirement for a sundew? heat,sunlight,humidity ect..? I hate asking such basic questions but I am really new to plants in general and CPs in particular.I am particularly fascinated by the Sundews as they seem so spooky and beautiful what with all those sticky globs on their leaves..they really look I appreciate you all being patient with me and I look forward to your tips and info

    The Evil Spider Hunter

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    Hi there, and welcome to the forums.

    Drosera ( or sundews ) are one of the most beautifull and fascinating geni in the carnivorous plant world.

    Because of the diversity of species, requirments vary greatly, so blanket statement instructions won't help you.

    For the species offered here though, go to the petflytrap sundew care sheet page for more info.

    Hope you have fun and stick around!



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