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Thread: Capensis color

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    i was wondering what happens if you dont give a capensis 'red' type enough sun light. Does it die, or does it just change green? Will it change redish with a less amount of light than the regular cape? or does it just have the ability to turn all red?

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    Hi there,

    The capensis will continue to grow, however the red pigmentation will be limited or absent. However, I would strongly recommend full sun for all capensis, whatever type, as I find they grow best when given very high light levels. Usually, even flourescents aren't enough. The flourish however in greenhouses or full or partial light conditions outdoors.


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    My Drosera capensis red form is blood red in the summer sun, but is all green in the winter terrarium. Most droserae are really only at their best in very good light or full sun, although they will grow and remain healthy under flourescent tubes. The flat rosettes respond the best, as the entire plant can be brought to within a couple of inches from the tubes, and this gives good color. The taller growing species are the more problematic as it is hard to get sufficient light to the plants center, where the new growth is using this method. To improve color in the winter, I sometimes will remove plants from the terrarium and put the on the windowsill when (and if&#33 there is winter sun to be had.
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