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Thread: Drosera info

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    It's been flowering since
    I gotta couple other questions... When would be the best time to repot my sundew...and what in the world is stratification, ive heard of it and read about it a little but i still don't know very much about it.
    sorry about all the typos i make

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    Some species seeds will not germinate well unless certain environmental conditions are met. There are enzymes in the seed coat that inhibit the germination until this happens. Some seed ( temperate North American species) requires a period of cold or freezing to trigger this process. Some Australian species seed is part of a "Fire Brush" ecology, and actually needs to be exposed to heat and/or smoke before it will germinate, often taking years. The use of GA-3 often breaks the bonds of dormancy.

    The best time to transplant any palnt is when it is in full and active growth, but really any time is suitable for the specie you mention. I believe I made a post on this subject that should still be up.

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    Well I repoted my Sundew, I used one part Peat and one part perlite (i actualy used a little more peat, but not much more ) It seems to be ALIVE for now.

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