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Thread: Pollination

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    Hi everyone,

    Currently the following dews(uncommon) are starting to produce flower stalks for me: sessifolia, neocaledonica, trinervia, paradoxa, dilatato-petiolaris, kenneallyi, and two hybrid petiolaris complex dews. The petiolaris dews suddenly started to flower this week(heatwave).
    Anyone have information or instructions regarding pollination. I know that the petiolaris droserae need to be crossed, but how about the other species? Do they self-pollinate without help?
    The flowers of the petiolaris complex droserae open in the afternoon and closes by evening. They do not seem to produce pollen readily. How should I pollinate these?


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    The only one I have experience with is D. sessilifolia which does self seed without any pollination.

    I have taken the flowers of the petiolaris plants and rubbed them together. This is crude but effective.

    I am very interested in growing D. trinervia should you ever have spares, and would be willing to trade for such.

    Congratulations on the flowering of so many rare species! I have D. neocaledonica putting up a scape, so if you learn anything regarding the pollination of this species I am interested. It is a real thrill to see this plant thriving at last!
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