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Thread: FisH/plant food

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    Ive found, that i you take a very tiny bit of flake fish food, and put it in water and dissolve (or make a mush out of it, one drop of that stuff will make your nepenthes love you for life. I tried that and my nepenthes grew 25% faster than normal! It was gone the next day when i put it on my spathulata! I dono what you guys think, but hey, you should try it. I said it because of chephalotus88's post about fish pellets.

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    how much? like 1 fish flake in how much of water and then you water the plant with that stuff?

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    OK, I've got this fishfood for hatchlings which is powdered stuff. This is something Tom Hayes turned me onto a few years ago and I have had mixed results with it. I've never done any controlled experiments but some plants seem to like it, a few don't (montana tomentosa comes to mind). I use very little of it at once, dipping a toothpick into the powdered stuff. I've also wet it in the past. The biggest problem is that it will grow fungus/mold pretty quickly in a very humid terrarium, but occasional misting will take care of this. Also, runoff into the soil can't be too good.... You might want to experiment with spray fertilizers as its a lot easier to apply the stuff. However, my experiments with Miracid vs. Miracle-gro have had mediocre results. I think the Miracid is better BUT must be used in moderation. The control (sprayed with H20) grew pretty well. The Miracle-Gro plants nearly kicked the bucket after a few applications. I could have used too much / too frequently. Anyway, after my next plant sale (when I hopefully free up some space), I think I am going to do some more experimentation. I would have tested Superthrive as well but I couldn't find my bottle so had to reorder it....

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