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Thread: Big order from cooks

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    Actually, we need information on even common species on this forum, as many of our members are newbies to cultivation. Regarding the South Africans, which are you interested in growing? They have very different specific requirements.

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    Hey Tamlin & Matt...

    We're about to launch a FAQ/care info section of the site... that's VERY specific...

    If you can think of specifics that you'd like for people to know about the various Drosera... or you already have it written somewhere... I can put it up... and of course, give you credit

    We have most of the common stuff taken care of based on our own experiences growing them.... but I'd like to have a lot more info available for those interested in more than what we have to offer!

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    Hi Peter,
    Actually, I think all the old content of my free geocities website is now also at my new domain, thanks to Pete Thiel:
    Feel free to link to my site if you want to direct people to any of the info there.
    ....Now to work on that CD rom of new images...

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    I'm no expert on pygmies, but I haven't killed any yet. I find they grow very well on a south-facing windowsill (at least here they do). It gives them a nice temp differential between day and night, and realistic day length.

    When I grew them in a terrarium, I found that they grew slowly and had mold problems.

    I have just been using plain 3in plastic pots with a sandy peat mix.

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