I use standard mix: sphagnum peat moss /perlite 2:1, wet it with microwaved rainwater (distill water is fine). Fill mix into a transparent microwave container to about 2 cm layer, microwaves the mix at medium power (not at high power, if you donít want to clean up) without lid for 2~4 minute (make sure it heat up well), cover lid and let it cool down. Drain off excess water so that the mix is just moist and not wet, sow seeds and cover lid, place container at a bright location and wait. When seeds sprout, remove lid gradually over a few days to harden the seedlings. Watering by misting, so as not to disturb the roots. Transplant when seedlings have 4~5 leaves.

Microwave = sterile
Transparent microwave container = allows light.
With lid on = to keep high humidity, and no additional watering is required.

First germination observed in 8 days or less, seedlings are 8 days old in pic below

Will update regularly till seedlings are establish in permanent pot

Happy growing